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Only-r.com: “The history of NOT the one betrayal”

Only-r.com: “The history of NOT the one betrayal”
03.08.2012   16:59    
How is it – to be betrayed? She has betrayed not only Rob, not only Liberty Ross and her children, but all those who saw her as somebody else, not as the one she is in reality. You!

Last two weeks were complicated, weren’t they? The avalanche of rumors and miserable grains of real information. We are all exhausted and irritated. There are millions of us all over the world. We are different. Sometimes we can hardly stand each other, we argue tirelessly, proving our own views, we fight till the first drops of "virtual blood” to defend the honor of our beloved actor or actress.

We are all different, yes, but there is one thing we have in common! We stood stockstill waiting anxiously for the outcome of the show and doubting its morality. The show that took place in front of the astonished audience on July 26, 2012.

It’s not a secret that I’ve been a faithful supporter of team Anti-Robsten for almost three years. And perhaps, nothing can change that. But today, for the first time of my being in fandom of Robert Pattinson, just for some minutes, literally till the moment, when the last full stop will be put in this article, I want to feel myself in the shoes of team Robsten. And to greet the morning of July 26 from "that” side.

You ask me "why?” ‘Cause I just WANT TO UNDERSTAND, where is the border between mercy (whatever it is), common sense and the healthy attitude to what is going on. On which side is the moral advantage? Where are the limits of sanctimony? Do those, who by all logical laws should be censured, deserve compassion?

I can’t get it from my nonsten-position anyway. So, let’s consider it as some sort of journalistic experiment.

I’ll mention from the very beginning, that I will not rummage in the reasons for why it happened. Other people are successfully doing it for me. You only have to click open any piece of news and the fantasy rampages of amateur detectives puzzle and knock you down (you literally fall under the table and lie there for some time). I don’t need reasons. I see facts. From Robsten position, remember? ***BUT I don’t promise, that my alter ego won’t meddle into these reflections)))

Beginning of an end

So, what do we have here? Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart – a tenderly loving couple, that lives in a perfect harmony. Their relationships have been progressing rapidly in last six months. Finally (!!!) they quit hiding from the public: they are holding hands – O, God! He is kissing her on the balcony in Cannes; at last, he purchases a house where they are planning to live together. It’s so sweet!

All in all, you can hear wedding bells chiming (maybe they’ll even have kids – that’s if they are that lucky). Perspectives are cheerful and serene. Average Robsten fan (i.e. me) is peacefully rocking on the waves of bliss in rays of light and kindness (Hi to Yulia-Sumerki). Nothing pointed to a tragedy. But then came the morning of June 26.

Photos of a woman, which looks very much like Kristen Stewart hugging unknown man (later the fainting public will identify him as the director of the "Snow White and the Huntsman” Rupert Sanders) appear in the net. But there are just a few photos, they are unclear and Robsten fans calm down. Some tweets tell us about the radio interview, which was supposedly given by the directors wife (fuck, he is married and has children!), and in which she announced with all responsibility, that it is her on the photos. Finita la comedia. (*** it’s a comedy yet) There’s nothing to worry about!

The version of these being a photoshop follows the tweets. Yes, photos are muddy, there are only a few of them. It’s can’t be detected who is in the car at all, ‘cause the pictures were snapped from behind – faces are not seen clearly. It’s still nothing to worry about! ***So why then people, who openly laughed at our desire to search for the photoshop signs on muddy Robsten photos, all rushed to do the same thing? That’s the rhetorical question. One is allowed, the other isn’t.

After that heated discussions of "Our Kristen couldn’t do something like that”. Here we have following reasons:

1. She is not like all those glamorous Hollywood actresses, who sleep with every more or less perspective director to get the role.

2. Kristen was always for the honesty in the relationships! She mentioned it in her interviews countless times.

3. There is Rob. She loves him so much. Only the blind can doubt that, it’s obvious! ***really, it’s only the third point. Thanks for remembering him at all.

It’s obvious! For all Robsten fans it is obvious, so it’s nothing to worry about. But for some reasons anxiety appears in the background and importunately crawls into one’s soul. Photos are published in US Weekly, then in authoritative The People – that is not the Hollywoodlife or Express newspaper. There is the following tenor in a Robsten camp – I’ll never believe that till she confesses it! If one could only imagine…

Last nail in the coffin

Somw time passes and the deafening silence is blown up by the sensation: both stars make an official public apology for their actions. And these apologies are published not somewhere, but in The People again. As if photos were not enough. That’s it! She has confessed!

First reaction. Stupor. I don’t believe it. And then – how could you, Kristen? Then a flow of curses addressed to her and words of support - to Robert. Disgusting feeling as if you were betrayed. Like someone close, someone you trusted and defended so much has just thrown your feelings, your FAITH in her into the dustbin. Tears, emptiness, pain.

What about this now?

And about this too?

What was it then?

Did you lie, while looking into his eyes?

Just yesterday on TCA…


***And exactly here happens the break-up in Robsten camp. At this moment. After her confession adequate people ACCEPT THE TRUTH as it is. Put up with it and find the bravery and strength to acknowledge their being in the wrong. It’s mature, isn’t it? And, in my opinion, it deserves all kinds of respect.

Grand bombardment

In confirmation of announced apologies, internet got filled with tones of clearest photos, showing the fact of Stewart-Sanders adultery. Paparazzi’ pictures are published by the very same US Weekly and The People echoes it once more. It can’t be doubted anymore. It is Stewart in the pictures and there are no doubts to what she is doing there. Same questions are spinning in the head – could it be photoshop? Why Sanders is looking exactly into the camera? And why in this photo she’s holding Rob’s baseball cap but doesn’t hold it in another? Poor girl, what did she do? Where is she? What will happen to her? And somewhere, very quietly, practically inaudible, in the background – what about Rob?..........***Really, if we, Antirobsten, from the first minute we saw the photos, were interested in one thing – what about him? What will be his reaction? How is he? Where is he? How can we help him? – in opposite camp he was hardly remembered. Mostly grieving over the great actress, who ruined her own career and f*cked up the good attitude of a great number of her fans. I’m just pondering it over… Facts are a stubborn thing.

Honor and conscience? Nope – we never heard about it!

In general, there were no more facts of the kind. All the rest is just the tabloids’ hysteria and the guesswork of the members of fan-house, buzzing like bees.

But right here begins the most interesting thing!

Having recovered from the surprisingly strong punch straight in the face (truth be told – in the heart too), and cheered up a bit, Robsten fans put an independent and proud face (***not proud, but rather insolent), and began to search for the REASONS.

1. Poor little girl was forced, that Sanders, old profligate, how could he? She is so fragile, was it even possible to resist? ***And what about the fact that she came to see him herself? With Rob’s baseball cap in her hand, with his ring on her finger?

2. That’s the PR! For saga’s sake, for Snow White’s sake, ***for peace all over the world *sorry, I could not help it*) *** Stop! People, that’s our bread you are eating! PR is the Anti Robsten territory, have you forgotten? BUT, one is allowed, the other isn’t. 3. Really there were no official apologies. Kristen wouldn’t agree to that, all of it was made up by her team (*** angry dogs), which is spoiling the public image of a good girl and eating their bread in vain. They should be kicked out onto the streets! ***I love you, I love you, I’m so sorry… (tears mixed up with sniffles)

4. THAT IS ALL ROB’S FAULT!***for that kick in a face immediately, but can’t reach, pity*

A) He did not look for the problem in their relationship, poor girl was suffering, she couldn’t tell him. *** she has no tongue? Or maybe she can’t voice her thoughts? What’s the problem, people? As usual, the one who has problems with these relationships, starts talking first. Isn’t he? Rob is not a psychic, he doesn’t have to scan auras.

B) He doesn’t suit her sexually, she wanted the normal man to be thoroughly f*cked ***Why are you grieving for the lost Robsten then? Here it is, happiness with a decent tool, which deserve the honor to be rubbed against someone’s behind! Go ahead! Robert doesn’t need a nymphomaniac; he needs loving and understanding WOMAN (if you do understand what I’m talking about)

C)He is gay!***you are*

D) No, he’s womanizer! For sure – all of these Reese WhitherspoonS, Emilie De RavinS, SaraS GordonS. Kattie PerrieS *oh, thank you for not mentioned Kristin Scott-Tomas here*

E) No, he’s gay!***O may be, Stewart is half dyke?

F) And why did he run away from the problem like a coward, letting the whole world treat Kristen like dirt??? They have to overcome hardships together! ***So, in your interpretation he should crawl to her on his knees, begging to forgive him for her unfulfilled expectations? This is a real man in your understanding? I’m sorry for you.

G) – Z) It’s me who said that Pattinson is guilty, what don’t you get here, ha? ***WTH??? *I want to ask* People, do you have any sense? Read what you’ve written now, from a different standpoint. If you were in Rob’s shoes, in Sanders wife’s and kids’ shoes. In Rob’s family’s shoes or his friends’. Would you want all your acquaintances to defend, for example, your sister-in-law, who told the whole world about her love affair with another man? Do you want your brother’s girlfriend to go with someone else – and you would know about it, keep on protecting, supporting and JUSTIFYING her??? HOW CAN THE BETRAYAL BE JUSTIFIED AT ALL? Forgiven – yes, but not JUSTIFIED!

I did not have enough patience to wait for the last full stop. It’s not comfortable for me in those people skin – those, who make videos to support the deceiver. I am displeased to be among those, who think that betrayal is something habitual, common – like brushing your teeth in the morning or evening. I am displeased to be among people, who are able to justify meanness and betrayed confidence. And I just don’t want to be a person, who wipes spit from his face and continues to look devotedly in the eyes of the one who spitted. I choose Rob and his REAL (not false) FUTURE!

Мы перевели данную статью, ранее размещённую на нашем сайте, по просьбе наших пользователей. Это всего лишь авторский взгляд на события, произошедшие в жизни Роберта Паттинсона. Если Вы согласны с данной позицией и у вас есть аккаунд в Твиттере, Фейсбуке или Тумблере, пожалуйста, сделайте ссылки на этот материал! Роб, будь сильным, мы всегда с тобой!
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