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Only-r.com: A person, who truly loves, doesn’t ask for your forgiveness… the person just doesn’t hurt you.

Only-r.com: A person, who truly loves, doesn’t ask for your forgiveness… the person just doesn’t hurt you.
30.07.2012   18:56    
ИзображениеTell me – in real life who will support a woman, who is engaged or in a relationship, but at the same time is snogging other man, making out with him, when it becomes clear and stops being a secret for close people, relatives and even colleagues at work? And this woman has a boyfriend/husband, who is a respectable, loyal, loving and trustworthy person. What would you say about her? How would you call her in your mind?

Yes! You would say exactly that word you’ve come up with that exists in our language. Good thing we have quite a wide vocabulary. It’s very nice to show your loyalty for your idol and collaborate with each other for supporting, but what for? For love? It was a long time ago, when I heard an expression in some movie: «A person, who truly loves, doesn’t ask for your forgiveness.. the person just doesn’t hurt you». Just think about it: «I love him... This momentary indiscretion..», «I love him… Has jeopardized the most important thing in my life» - odd, unconvincing and I would say insincere. Why all these «I love»-phrases have been said? They humiliate Rob even more.

And what amazes the most is this different predictions: whether he’ll forgive or not. We say in russian – God forgives. Rob isn’t a God. We’re all human beings and we aren’t all perfect, we all can make mistakes and those, who close to us, forgive us (release us from our guilt), but there is a «but»! The level of a mistake. Like those three the most unforgivable curses. There are unforgivable things, actions and even thoughts. Even though no one killed anyone, all people are alive and quite healthy…as it’s been said – «what is done can not be undone». Rob is a catholic and I assume he’ll release her from her guilt in his mind, but also he’ll make conclusions. It’s like a deep cut, that once has been made on the side of the tree with an axe, it will never be recovered, never be covered with bark again, it will dry, be permanent and be left as a white wood. You think that we’ve got our memory only in our minds? We have it even in our hearts, in eyes and on the fingertips.

There are people, who can live with a partner, who had cheated on them and then asked for forgiveness. There are people, who hide their affairs thoroughly. And there are people, who cannot stand even the word «betrayal». Ask yourself: who would you choose to be your partner/spouse? You’ve answered? So why do some people think that Rob doesn’t deserve to be with a loyal person in his life? Why does he need to doubt all the time? Only because of the fact that somebody transposed famous movie characters into real life, created a belief, which is based on the concept of substitution?

Actions speak louder than words; A chain is only as strong as its weakest link; You couldn’t step twice into the same rivers; Once a cheater, always…and so on. People came up with these sayings not just to have fun.

Мы хотим поддержать Роба, и поэтому перевели статью, ранее размещённую на нашем сайте. Это сделано для того, чтобы донести свою точку зрения до англоговорящих поклонников Роберта и, возможно, показать, что они не одиноки в своих мыслях. А заодно разбавить маразм, который сейчас бродит в интернете. Если у вас есть аккаунд в Твиттере, Фейсбуке или Тумблере, пожалуйста, сделайте ссылки на этот материал! Поддержим Роба! К, сожалению, это все что мы можем сделать сейчас!

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  Автор: Evita*

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